Jikji Korea Intl. Festival &
International Association of
Printing Museums Meeting
31 Aug 2016 – 5 September 2016


31 August (Wed) Arrival-Cheongju(Check in)
1 Sep (Thu)
  • Visit to Cheongju Early Printing Museum
  • Opening Ceremony of Jikji Korea
  • UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize Ceremony
  • Tour of the Jikji Korea international festival
  • Welcome Dinner
2 Sep (Fri) Study Tour to the Presidential Archives
3 Sep (Wed) Inaugural Meeting of the International Association of Printing Museums
4 Sep (Wed) Visit to Haeinsa (Home of Tripitaka Koreana)
5 Sep (Wed) Departure -Incheon (Check out)

*Visit to the ICA Seoul Congress is available on a request basis

Inaugural Meeting of International Association of Printing Museums

Date/TimeSat, 3 Sep 2016/ 10:00 ~ 17:20
VenueHotel Ramada Cheongju Host City of Cheongju
OrganizerJikji Korea Organizing Committee
SupportingAssociation of European Printing Museums (AEPM)
AimPreliminary meeting will scope the significance of printing museums for future generation
Organizing Committee

Alan Marshall, President of Association of European Printing Museum
Dr. Eva Hanebutt-Benz, freelance writer
Prof. Dr. Amareswar Galla, Executive Director of International Institute for the Inclusive Museum
Dr. Seung Cheol Lee, Curator of Cheongju Early Printing Museum


Participants from printing museums from around the world (50)
Associates, Media and International experts (20)

Organizing Committee

Dari Yoo (program coordinator)
Im Chin (European correspondent)


Schedule Contents Remarks
09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-09:50 Opening

Opening address

• Prof. Dr. Amareswar Galla Executive Director, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum

Congratulatory address

• Alan Marshall President, Association of European Printing Museum

Host: Dongil Shin

Special Program

• Berta García del Real Marco

Coordinator, Iberarchivos - Programa ADAI,

The laureate of UNESCO Jikji Memory of the World Prize 2016

10:10-11:20 Part 1

Presentations : Europe & Middle East

• Marijke Hellemans, Plentin Moretus Museum (Belgium)

• Dr. Stefan Soltek, Klingspor Museum (Germany)

• Dr. Ahmed Mansour, Bulaq Press of Alexandria Library (Egypt)

• Mine Kucuk, Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts (Turkey)

Chair : Amareswar Galla

Presentations : Asia, Oceania & America

• Koichi Kabayama, Printing Museum Tokyo (Japan)

• Afreen Siddiqui, National College of Arts (Pakistan)

• Dr. Sundar Ganesan, Roja Muthiah Library (India)

• Rebecca Sutton, Melbourne Museum of Printing (Australia)

• •Stan Nelson, Smithsonian Institution (USA)

Chair : Alan Marshall
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-14:10 Part 2


• Sung-Hun Lee, Mayor of Cheongju

Chair: Eva Hanebutt-Benz

Inaugural meeting

• Articles of Association

• The board of directors

17:00-17:20 Closing

Closing remarks & Declaration of IAPM

Host: Dongil Shin